Time Lord's Robes


  • Sell for: 14 66 53
Time Lord's Robes
Raid Finder
Binds when picked up
1436 Armor
+371 Intellect
+646 Stamina
Red Socket
Red Socket
Yellow Socket
Socket Bonus: +30 Intellect
Durability 160 / 160
Classes: Mage
Requires Level 85
Item Level 384
Equip: Increases your hit rating by 230.
Equip: Improves haste rating by 281.

Time Lord's Regalia (0/5)
(2) Set: Your Arcane Blast has a 100% chance and your Fireball, Pyroblast, Frostfire Bolt, and Frostbolt spells have a 50% chance to grant Stolen Time, increasing your haste rating by 50 for 30 sec and stacking up to 10 times. When Arcane Power, Combustion, or Icy Veins expires, all stacks of Stolen Time are lost.
(4) Set: Each stack of Stolen Time also reduces the cooldown of Arcane Power by 7 sec.
Sell Price: 14 66 53

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